Gnomer Gunsten's Travels
Hallo. My name is Gnomer Gnutsen. I'm a Gnome and an Odd Fellow. I am currently on a quest of great importance. I'm a charter member of my home lodge, Los Angeles Golden Rule #35 IOOF. They have just celebrated the 150th anniversary of their establishment. It is their intention that I visit every lodge and bring them fellowship.

Our wise Nobel Grand, Gary Charpentier, of our sesquicentennial year, established the Gnomer Gnusten Fellowship Project to spread friendship and fellowship throughout our ranks. He realized that many of our projects have worked on our other links, Love and Truth, but not many on Friendship. He knows that by my travels from lodge to lodge this will increase and forge this link stronger. He knows our members will grow stronger and get new ideas from seeing how others run their lodge and speaking to them.

The project is very simple. Brother Charpentier asked me to travel and visit other lodges as the essimary of our lodge and send back photos and a bit about my visits. I travel by asking each lodge I visit to visit another lodge and take me there. Each lodge that accepts me has a solomn duty to visit another lodge. As I go from lodge to lodge eventually I will visit them all. I do enjoy travel and sight seeing, but it is fellowship that brings me the most joy. My travels are being collected and placed online.

Some basic facts about myself:

Born: Don't remember.  'Twas a long time ago.
Favorite Town: Nome, Alaska.  But it's cold there...
Favorite Song: Gnome on the Range.
Favorite Christmas Carol: There's No Place Like Gnome for the Holidays.
Favorite TV show: Gnome Improvements.
Favorite Book: You Can't Go Gnome Again.
Favorite Movie: Gnome Alone.
Scariest Movie: The Full Monty.
Gnome d'Guerre (Yes, I am a Veteran): Gnomer Pyle, USMC - attached to the USS BonGnome Richard (yes, there are Marines on Navy ships).
Gnome d'Plume: Gnome Collins
Advisor to: The Department of Gnomeland Security.
Hates: Being in dusty lodge closets. I'll invoke powerful ancient gnomish curses to get out.
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Gnomer Gnusten
My Travels
Gnomer's Airplane Travel
Gnomer and UN Pilgramage
3 Links Camp
Saratoga Home
Yosemite area
Grand Lodge
Sonora Lodge #10
Oakdale Lodge #228
Knights Ferry Lodge #170
3 Links Camp work week June 2009
Grand Lodge May 2010
My Info:
Name: Gnomer Gunsten
c/o Los Angeles Golden Rule Lodge #35, IOOF
PO Box 6186
Rosemead, CA 91770-6186