Gnomer at Grand Lodge May 2010
Gnomer Gunsten spent the fall and winter at the 3 links camp. Apparently one day he wandered off to sight see and didn't come back. As gnomes are rather silent it was a while before anyone noticed he had gone missing, by then he must have been under the snow. Nancy had wanted to show him around in the winter but he was missing by then. This spring Camp Manager John King found him as the snow melted and chipped him the rest of the way out. Being from Nome the winter felt just like home to him and he wasn't upset at all. As soon as Gnomer was told of Nancy's offer of a tour, he wanted to resume his travels through California and came with John and Troy to Grand Lodge of California in Modesto.
Grand Lodge
Brother Gnudtsen is shown with members of Sonora Lodge No. 10, Troy Bahten, Christine Kowolski and John King, John is also a member of Los Angeles - Golden Rule Lodge No. 35, Jay Johnson (Grand Tresurer), Nancy Johnson and Pat McLean from Mission Peak Lodge No 114, Daniel Honibal from Volcano Historical Lodge No. 25, Gary Charpentier, DDGM Dist 93, and Roy King both from Los Angeles - Golden Rule Lodge No. 35.
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